The 11 Most Expensive Guilds of Ravnica Cards in MtG

Assassin's Trophy

  • Current price: $24.47

These days it's really hard to come up with a removal spell that would instantly become the star of the set. But Wizards of the Coast managed to deliver once again, and they printed Assassin's Trophy -- a spell that deals with almost any kind of threat.

It will go into Jund decks both in Modern and Legacy, and of course, it will prove itself in Standard format as well. One of its biggest upsides is the ability to remove lands, such as Tron lands, for example. In return your opponent will get a basic land, but that wouldn't matter anymore.

Assassin's Trophy is already the most expensive card in Guilds of Ravnica and it will only get more expensive in time.

Published Sep. 25th 2018

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