The 11 Most Expensive Guilds of Ravnica Cards in MtG

Nullhide Ferox

  • Current price: $7.89

Mono-green Stompy deck has seen a resurgence lately with the introduction of Steel Leaf Champion, a 5/4 creature for three mana. Here is another excellent card that can go right into any of the current Stompy lists, and it has Hexproof.

This makes it hard to kill unless you're ready to pay extra two mana to be able to do so. On top of that, Nullhide Ferox can't be discarded, which puts it in one row with such cards like Obstinate Baloth and Loxodon Smiter.

All-in-all, the price range of 7-8 dollars is exactly where this card should be.

Published Sep. 25th 2018

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