Top 10 Most Underrated Generation One Pokémon

4. Dewgong

Poor Dewgong, it's one of the Water/Ice Pokémon that just couldn't be up to snuff compared to the likes of Lapras. You get a Lapras for free and it's everything Dewgong is and so much more. Not only that, but it doesn't fare well compared to even other defensive water types. But it does try, it really does. The biggest problem is the primary typing, which is Ice, and while it is on the bulkier side, any sort of entry hazard can spell disaster for Dewgong, especially Stealth Rock.

Dewgong has access to abilities like Thick Fat, which can make it a decent special defensive Pokémon with moves like Surf, Perish Song, Stockpile and Toxic. It makes Dewgong able to be used on most defensive teams as long as they can make up for the weaknesses it has. Overall, Dewgong is a cool Pokémon and even if it's surpassed by others, it’s still worth giving a try.

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Published Sep. 8th 2016

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