7 Fun Facts About Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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There is More Music in Sekiro Than in Dark Souls

FromSoftware's music composer Yuka Kitamura revealed in her interview for Game Informer that there will be a lot more music in Sekiro than ever before.

In Dark Souls games music appeared in short snippets or only during boss battles, but in Sekiro the music will accompany players throughout the entirety of the run.

Each character has its own musical theme, and the goal of the composer was to create a score with a focus on traditional Japanese setting. This task turned out to be rather difficult, simply because the orchestral soundtrack usually used in fantasy games is not very suitable for Sekiro.

Since Sekiro's events take place during the Sengoku period, known for its bloody conflicts, the score is imbued with a pinch of brutality.


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Published Mar. 15th 2019

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