PUBG Celebrates Horizon Zero Dawn Anniversary With Special In-Game Skins

PUBG adds four new Horizon Zero Dawn inspired items for PlayStation 4 players to obtain, with the in-game event beginning March 5.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been hosting some interesting crossovers as of late, including a recent event that brought PUBG cosmetics to the fantasy MMO Tera. Today, another crossover has been announced, and this one will take place in the battle royale itself.

With the second anniversary of Guerrilla Games' open-world adventure game Horizon Zero Dawn occurring tomorrow, the PUBG Corporation has decided to partner with developers, Guerrilla Games. Beginning March 5, PUBG players who own the game on PlayStation 4 will be able to receive Horizon Zero Dawn content for completing various tasks in game.

Some of the content can be obtained simply by logging in. Specifically, every player that logs into PUBG (on the PS4) during the event will receive the Horizon: Zero Dawn Eclipse Top.

Other items will require that players achieve certain goals in order to receive them. This includes the Eclipse Mask, which is granted to those who play 10 games of PUBG during the event, and the Pan that comes from killing 10 opponents with the crossbow. 

Finally, one item has to be purchased. That is the Eclipse Kar98k, which is available from the store for 8,000 BP.

To create these items, PUBG Corporation worked closely with Guerrilla Games on the concept, design, and production elements. This assures the new items will fit within PUBG while still maintaining that Horizon Zero Dawn feel.

Of course, this isn't PUGB's first crossover with open world games. Prior to this, PUBG players were blessed with crossovers in which they received Uncharted and The Last of Us content.

This upcoming event will last until April 5, so PlayStation 4 PUBG players have plenty of time to hit all of the goals. More information on the crossover items, including what went into creating them and how to obtain them, can be found on the PUBG website.

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Published Feb. 27th 2019

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