How to Find an Overwatch Team that Doesn't Suck

Want to set up or find permanent teams for Overwatch?

Overwatch is a team-based game that requires communication and certain roles to be filled. It is also good to have a team you play with consistently and work well with.

Sure you can be randomly matched up with other players just by searching in the game, but you never know who you will get, what their strengths and weakness are, or if they will even communicate with you.

If you are serious about playing Overwatch and want to compete with the best teams out there, you'll need a group of your own that learns and plays together.

Team Building

Since there are specific roles that should be filled, and each character fills one of these roles, you'll want a team that understands this.

Tired of getting matched up with people and 3 of them choose Reaper or Bastion? Yeah me too. I once played a team that had 4 Reapers, what's with that?

Typically, you want to have at least 1 support, 1 tank, then the rest offense. Depending on the map and whether you are defending or attacking, you'll also want a defense person that can snipe, such as Widowmaker or Hanzo. A builder can also be put in here, like Torbjorn for turrets, or Symmetra to build portal and sentry turrets.

If you are an attacker, you can go with 1 tank, 1 support, and the rest offense, subbing in a sniper or builder for 1 of the offense if you choose.

For defense, you'll also want 1 tank and 1 support, but also at least 1 defense, and the rest offense. A sniper or Torbjorn is good in this instance, but this will vary by map.

When you are playing with random people, most of the time they won't fill these roles, or be good at them. This is another reason to form teams. Everyone can find a role they are good at, then stick with it. Not good at taking out enemy players? Maybe you can get good at playing a support or tank role!

Whichever you choose, you'll want a group of people that also want to succeed and can fill roles that you cannot.

Gamer Launch

Our sister site, Gamer Launch has tools specifically for group management. You can create your own free site or join an existing team.

how to find overwatch teams

There are options for you to create tournaments, recruit others, have full customization over the site, and more.

Stay ahead of the game and form a team to make Overwatch an even more enjoyable experience.

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Published May. 18th 2016

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