Open Beta Release For TCG Major League Wizardry

Do you ever dream yourself away to a magical, fan-filled sports arena where you are a wizard in the center of attention? Do you enjoy the idea of magical water coolers, obese Vikings and living electric fences?

Major League Wizardry is a free to play Trading Card Game (TCG) where you, as the wizard in charge of your team, will have to use a ton of spell-flinging, a lot of trap-arming and even more monster attacking (and you can totally drain your monsters for mana as well!).

In Major League Wizardry (MLW), wizards are regarded as sports-stars with cheerleaders, fan clubs, greedy managers, and unfair sponsorship deals. While climbing the league ranks, you unlock new cards, level up your monsters, and expand your card pool to improve your deck.

 The Actual Game

"With Major League Wizardry we have created a game that brings the look, feel and passion of a real card game to the mobile devices. Flicking through your collection, looking at the cool illustrations, having fun with the small flavor texts and trading cards with your friends is something we feel have been neglected in the current digital TCG’s.” - David Reeckmann, CEO of Game Made Studio

In short, Major League Wizardry is a cross-platform Trading Card Game designed for the mobile devices. The game is played either as a multiplayer game, or asynchronous when on the go. It’s straightforward and easy to pick up, even if you haven’t played TCGs before. 

Major League Wizardry is available for open beta testing right now on either Windows, Mac, or Android. The game is initially designed with tablets in mind, but is also very suitable for PC/Mac. MLW is scheduled for a late March release and will be available on iOS as well. Download the open beta below:

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Published Feb. 3rd 2014

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