MtG: 11 Most Expensive The Brothers' War Cards

Arcane Proxy

  • Regular art price: $6.38
  • Extended art price: $7.09

It seems that the new Prototype mechanic from The Brothers' War has gained some significant traction, especially in Commander format, where players can use Arcane Proxy to cast expensive spells from graveyard without paying their mana cost.

This card has some real potential in that regard and may even find its niche on the market. At one point, it traded for $13 a card but has dropped since. This does indicate some uncertainty, but there are also other indications that show this card's positive potential, especially in the Breya, Etherium Shaper lists.

Since the Prototype mechanic is still very new, it's hard to tell how this will play out.

Published Nov. 15th 2022

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