Trailer for Monster Strike anime released

The extremely popular mobile game, 'Monster Strike', will be made into a YouTube exclusive anime series.

Online social networking service Mixi and video game designer Okamoto Yoshiki's Monster Strike, the #1 popular iOS and Android game in Japan, will be adapted into a YouTube exclusive anime.  Details for the new project were released on July 21, including the latest promotional video.

Monster Strike is a “physics strategy” game with a JRPG element and cooperative multiplayer capability.  Players flick their monsters across the field, much like air hockey, to bump off the walls and incur damage by colliding into their enemies, while at the same time creating “Friendship Combos” by bumping into their allies. 

The Monster Strike anime episodes will each be slated to be approximately 7 minutes in duration.  Monster Strike producer Kimura Koki has assured fans that the anime version of Monster Strike offers a new form of anime optimized for YouTube. If the PV is anything to go by, the short series promises to feature a fast tempo and exciting developments that will immediately pull viewers into the story, as well as an abundance of exhilarating battle scenes and humor.

The cast:

The protagonist Homura Ren will be voiced by Kobayashi Yuusuke.

The monster “sidekick” character Oragon will be voiced by Fukushima Jun.  

The heroine character, whose name will be released at a later date, will be voiced by LYNN.

Aside from Japanese, the series is the first of its kind to feature multilingual support in English, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), as well as Korean. The first episode is scheduled to air on YouTube, October 10, 2015.

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Published Jul. 21st 2015

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