Fallout 4 pip-boy design available for 3D printers

It might take longer to make then Bethesda pip-boy, but now anyone can get their hands on it.

If you, like a lot of people out there, were not able to pick up a pip-boy edition of Fallout 4 then I have some good news for you. The specs for the Fallout 4 design of the pip-boy is now available for 3D printers.

This was done by a mechanical engineer at the website Ytec 3D called Yvo de Haas. This design consists of 38 parts and can be customized to fit different wrist sizes and a range of smartphones, including the iPhone 6s. 

There are three sizes available to buy at the moment, a small, medium or large sized pip-boy. Assembly is required, though, but there is a link on Ytec 3D website on how to build it and what sized screws, bolts, and tools needed to finish the build. They also cover how to paint the pip-boy parts, unless you are fine with the colour white for your pip-boy. 

Ytec 3D also offer designs of the laser pistol, and laser rifle from the Fallout series for 3D printers to download from their website. All you need to make one of these is your own personal 3D printer or know someone who owns one. 


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Published Nov. 11th 2015

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