Paper Mario: Color Splash Gets a Release Date

According to IGN, Nintendo has announced that Paper Mario: Sticker Star will release for Wii U on October 7.

According to IGN, Nintendo announced at E3 today that Paper Mario: Color Splash will be available for Wii U on October 7.

The premise of Color Splash is that Prism Island is losing its color, and Mario must restore it using his brand-new paint hammer. As Nintendo's Bill Trinen explained in a March Nintendo Direct, paint not only restores the island's color, but also revives colorless Toads and livens up Toad Houses. Painting cards in battle will also activate them for use.

Color Splash is the Paper Mario character's first appearance of 2016, having previously co-starred in December's Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. However, it is the first actual Paper Mario game since 2012's Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

As Paper Mario fans await the series' next installment, they can check out GameSkinny's review of Sticker Star. True stalwarts of the franchise might also want to check out one gamer's thoughts on its four previous games.

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Image Source: IGN


Published Jun. 14th 2016

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