Gloomhaven Developers Announce Return to Dark Tower

A giant mechanized tower that drops corrupting skulls sits as the centerpiece of Return To Dark Tower, with a crowd funding campaign now live.

Isaac Childres from the Gloomhaven team and Rob Daviau of Pandemic Legacy fame have teamed up to resurrect the Dark Tower board game. With a crowd funding campaign now live after three years of development, Return To Dark Tower will be a co-op tabletop game for 1 - 4 players.

That large black dice tower itself is the centerpiece of the game experience, utilizing a rotating, motorized core for dropping skull as well as lighted glyphs. While trying to enter the tower and defeat their adversary, players will have to cleanse and fortify buildings while avoiding corruption.

Return To Dark Tower also uses a companion app for tracking enemy cards, combat, and resource management. The Kickstarter campaign has already crossed its base $850,000 goal, sitting at just shy of $1 million as of this writing.

Like what you see? You can join on the Kickstarter here. The base game will run you $125, with higher level tiers available that include expansions and various stretch goal extras.

Watch a full two and a half hour playthrough of Return To Dark Tower's prototype build below, or check out an interview we previously conducted with Daviau about game systems over here.

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Published Jan. 15th 2020

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