The HD Remake Dream List

What games need an HD remake

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute. Whether it is for a quick cash grab, or an honest desire to bring back all that nostalgic joy to gamers, we love it when developers make a remake of one of our favorite games from our past. With the Halo Anniversary and Resident Evil HD remakes, we find ourselves reminiscing about the days when the Playstation had just arrived and Halo was played with a very horrible Xbox controller. So here is a dream list of games that I feel would be great remakes if that day ever comes.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This is a game that never gets old despite its age. The whole idea of being able to develop into a Jedi in HD though gives me goosebumps just thinking about it! 

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This is a no brainer to me. San Andreas had it all before GTA 5 hit the scene. This is the game that felt the most complete, with a lot of side missions and extra-curricular activities that kept gamers everywhere entertained for endless hours on end. 

Donkey Kong 64

If you go onto Google Images and type in "Donkey Kong 64," you can actually see what the HD cover might actually look like! I just want a remake so I can hear the Donkey Kong rap song again! 

Final Fantasy 7

Everyone wants this one to happen, and if it ever does, expect Square Enix to be swimming in cash. I would gladly throw sixty dollars their way for a remake of what many claim to be one of the greatest RPG's of all time. I'd even throw in an additional twenty dollars! 

Call of Duty TrilogyI'm talking about the first three games in the popular series when I say "trilogy." I just think a lot of people would like to experience what the first three games were like, since many never had the opportunity to.

The Elder Scrolls 3: MorrowindWe all know about Oblivion and Skyrim, but Morrowind was the game that got me hooked on Bethesda's best series (in my opinion, that is). If this game had the mechanics and graphics of Skyrim, it would bring out the bets in the game. 


Metal Gear SolidPlayStation released a Metal Gear Solid trilogy HD remake, but it started with number two. For some reason, they never did a remake for the original PlayStation game (noticed how I put PlayStation because I'm not counting the Metal Gear original game during the NES days). But I'm waiting for it PlayStation; yes I am. 

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessThere's a lot of rumors going around that this is going to happen, and I hope they're right. They've done a Majora's Mask remake, as well as a Windwaker, so this only makes sense to me that they make Twilight Princess next. 

Sonic AdventureI had the pleasure of playing this game on the Sega Dreamcast (which was a fabulous system by the way), and even though the camera angles and ovement was at times difficult, this game was awesome! The remake could even fix those problems.


Yoshi’s StoryIt's just so cute to not want a remake! With Yoshi's Woolly World on the horizon, it would be pure joy to get a remake of the most adorable game of all time. All the bright, vivid colors in teh game would be an added bonus in HD as well!

Star FoxMy last on the list, Star Fox from the original Super Nintendo would be a superb remake on the Wii U! Back in the day, it was Nintendo's first game to use 3D polygon graphics, and what better way to pay honor to that advancement than by giving Star Fox the HD makeover!

Is there a game you would love to see remade? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for reading! 

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Published May. 29th 2015
  • Jackson Ingram
    Final Fantasy VII HD is the DREAM. It's baffling that they haven't done it already.
  • K.W. Colyard
    Agreed. They've teased us with a remake so many times.
  • StayNoLonger
    Featured Contributor
    Morrowind is actually get a fan made HD remake called Skywind, it is being remade in the Skyrim engine. They did have an alpha up but I think they have taken it down now but it is really exciting as I never played Morrowind back in the day and when I tried it is now dated and hard to enjoy.

    Knights of the Old Republic isn't too high on my list as I feel it is easy enough to play in it's current state, although maybe it could do with different mechanics.

    I'd say Metal Gear Solid is a lot more likely to be remade since Kojima left Konami as they have lost a great creator and they may need to look at past games to keep their profits up.

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