Mirror's Edge: Why I Think it's Underrated

Mirror's Edge is a game worth playing more than once.

I’ve always loved a good action-adventure game that has a pretty open world and roaming feel about them; games like Metroid Prime or Assassin’s Creed. Mirror’s Edge has been severely underrated in the action-adventure category and here is why I think gamers should take a second look at the game - or give it a chance, if you’ve never played before.


Mirror’s Edge takes place in a city that’s corrupt with a totalitarian government that disguises itself as a democracy. With a dystopian society, the city basically has no crime except for the few that are trying to take back the city by heavily guarding their communications with people called “Runners” or couriers, which is where your main protagonist, Faith Connors, comes in. Faith is a Runner that finds herself trying to save her sister, Kate, from being framed for the Mayor’s death. The plot lends itself to an expansion, which I think is great for a game, especially since this is the first in the Mirror’s Edge franchise.


The graphics and art in this game really do deserve some credit because you feel like you are in a totally different world, which helps make the city seem even more totalitarian. With the bright, clean, and uniform infrastructures you really feel like the government does have something to hide in this city, making it immersive.  


While I originally played this game on the Xbox 360, I recently played it on the PC and came up with the same conclusion; that the controls in this game are near flawless and you find yourself acting like a free-runner. Being able to slide under pipes, jump onto beams and then disarm an enemy in the same sequence makes for some fun combinations throughout the game.

My Reflections

The fast takedowns and sieges of enemy weapons and narrowly escaping risky situations are definitely the strong points to this game; along with the art might I add. And although I can agree with some skeptics, the plot could use some thickening, I don’t think it’s a reason to skip out on this great game entirely. With Mirror’s Edge 2 coming out hopefully, and maybe too optimistically, next year, I would recommend you play the first. Especially since Mirror’s Edge will have Oculus Rift support, I know I will be playing this game again. 

Our Rating
Mirror's Edge is a game worth playing more than once.

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Published Aug. 24th 2013
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    lol Underrated? I've seen nothing but high praise from everybody that's played it.

    I liked the story and totally loved the animation. Gameplay is impressive too of course.
  • Miranda Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    While it is starting to gain fans since the announcement of ME2, I think that when it was first released many people overlooked the game and I heard many people wanting a better story. I don't know..I just really like this game haha! I would like to see a whole bunch of Mirror's Edge games.

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