Playstation VR could make its way to PC in the future

Sony's Masayasu Ito suggests in an interview that Playstation VR could be available for PC sometime in the future.

Sony's Executive Vice President Masayasu Ito has suggested in an interview with Japanese newspaper Nikkei that the company's upcoming Playstation VR device could make its way to PC at some point in the future. Translated on Reddit (and verified through a loose Google translation), the relevant passage reads:

"But PlayStation VR is not just a PlayStation 4 peripheral. While Ito warned that 'nothing will happen right away,' he revealed that Sony was considering plans to enable the use of PlayStation VR through connection with PCs in the future. 'Since PlayStation 4 shares a lot of its internals with PCs, the possibility is there. At the moment we are focused on games and we are not ready to make any announcements at this stage, but I'd say there will be an expansion into various fields.'"

With the virtual reality market getting increasingly crowded, the news will come as a blow to their competitors in the hotly contested field, especially with the hardware's expected low price of $399 in comparison to the likes of the recently launched Oculus Rift at $599.

However, the move is by no means a certainty, with Sony wishing to build up a solid foundation on PlayStation 4 before they think about expanding into other territories. There's no doubt the bulk of VR content will make its home on PC though, and I'm sure Sony will be very keen to grab themselves a slice of that pie.

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Published Mar. 28th 2016

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