BioWare revealed the name of their new IP at GDC and everyone missed it

BioWare's secretive new IP was apparently revealed at this years GDC and no one even noticed.

The name of BioWare's secretive new IP was apparently plastered on the shirt of Alistair McNally at this year's GDC -- and no one even picked up on it. The company's Senior Director of Creative Development revealed this oversight in a tweet:

Incredibly, it seems that no one has a picture of the t-shirt in question; something that seems inconceivable in this day and age. Die hard fans are still scrambling frantically to try and uncover evidence of the elusive article of clothing. It seems hard to imagine someone won't be able to dig it up eventually, but in the meantime we'll just have to wait and see.

BioWare, the gaming giants behind titles like Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic and the Mass Effect series, have been very tight-lipped about their new title. So far the only information out there seems to come at the tail end of a short teaser about Mass Effect 4: Andromeda, in which it's stated they "want to take on contemporary stories" in the new IP,  "and yet we want to build a world that is as big and as imaginative as what we've done before", suggesting it may well be a game set in the present. Recent job listings also indicate it will be making it's way to both consoles and PC at some point.

Of course, it's all just speculation for the moment; you can see what little they had to say about it for yourself in the trailer below.


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Published Mar. 21st 2016

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