Use Legendary Pokemon in Upcoming Battle of Legends Pokemon Online Competition

Use any Pokemon you want, legendary and all, in this Battle of Legends Pokemon Competition. Register now, limited spots available!

Friday, July 25th marks the beginning of the Battle of Legends Competition. Every, I repeat, every single Pokémon is eligible except for Diancie. Registration is available only until the 24th at 23:39pm UTC, so hurry up and sign up! There are limited spots available.

The competition will feature Double Battles. Your team is only allowed a maximum combination of 2 Legendary and Mythical  Pokémon and all Pokémon will be set to level 100 for the battle. There is a limited capacity of 50,000 participants. The age divisions are split in two: Junior Division for those born in 1999 or later; and Master Division for those born 1998 or earlier. Players may battle 10 times a day and register 4-6 Pokémon on their teams. The only requirements are an eligible team, the games Pokémon X or Pokémon Y, and a Pokémon Trainers Club membership. Each participant will receive 1,000 Poke Miles as a participation gift. 

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this competition to show off you best legendary Pokémon. For more details, visit the  Battle of Legends Online Competition regulations page. Good luck to all the participants.

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Hello! I'm Val, a 23 year old college graduate. I've been interested in video games since I was very young, Pokemon being my first (and constant) love. Along the years I have become attached to RPGs and adventure games. I play League periodically (not well), but apart from that, I don't play anything online nor competitively (Though I was a frequent TPP player and I've logged onto GTA Online a few times...). I tend to prefer solo games, unless it's with people in the same room. In those cases, Mario Party, Little Big Planet, Quake, and more, all the way! I am really into anime and try to keep up with the new ones season by season (so many). And yeah I have no idea if I'm writing this...more »

Published Sep. 15th 2017

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