PSA: New York Comic Con Starts Tomorrow

New York Comic Con is upon us, and we'll be there with our news machines churning!

New York Comic Con 2013 is finally upon us.

It's the time of year when nerds of all shapes and sizes emerge from their summer hideaway (complete with air conditioning and no sunlight) to dress up as their favorite hero and venture to the event with their brethren.

Fortunately for you, GameSkinny is going to be there! You'll be sure to hear some news and previews on some of your most anticipated games for this generation and the next. Want to know some more about Thief? We'll have that. What about the anticipated HD reboot for Strider? Yup, we're all over that.

**Yes, I know - Strider looks awesome.**

You can also expect to see some news regarding that teased graphic novel based on The Witcherand hopefully we'll be delivering some amazing interviews (with people/man crushes like Troy Baker) and video features from Steve and yours truly.

So make sure you're obsessively pushing F5 on your browser to get ALL of our updates and happy Comic Con type news. Also make sure to follow me on the Twitter machines (@maxplosions) for slightly more real-time updates.

What are you looking forward to from Comic Con this year? Is there anything special you want me personally to look into for you? Sound off in the comments down below and I'll definitely show you whatever cool stuff I get - you can't touch the stuff though. 

No one can touch the stuff - ever.

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Published Oct. 9th 2013

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