How to print your Minecraft World

Are you a GameSkinny Minecraft fan? Here is a way for you to 3d print your Minecraft world!

Ever created something in Minecraft that you thought would be super awesome to have in real life? Forget about recreating it in Legos, since that would take too much time. Instead, you should check out 3D printing for real-life versions of your favorite block creations.

3D printing is pretty easy, but can vary from really expensive (as much as a Lego box set) to pretty cheap. By grabbing the STL (Stereo Lithography) file by using a third party program like Mineways, you can take it to a 3D printing shop and take home a model.

Another option would be to use a 3D printer at your school, if they have one. You might need to paint it, depending on the materials you use. That would be on the cheaper side of things.

The last option, if you want a new way to interact with your Minecraft world, would be to check out Microsoft HoloLens. With HoloLens, you could project your world on a table or on the ground and literally move around it. You can check out the video below:


The idea of building things will always be addicting. But doing it with a game does not make it any less real. Still, you should try to print out your favorite creation and show us what you made here!

Published May. 17th 2016

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