March's Xbox One update is live and it's hefty

Mircosoft's March update for Xbox One is out in the wild and it is providing a lot of content.

Earlier this month, Microsoft notified fans that they were going to improve the user experience based upon feedback. With the new update (now available) they have certainly upheld their promise. A full list of all new features can be found here.

Some of the new features expanded access to Xbox 360 capability. All Xbox One owners now will be able to purchase Xbox 360 compatible titles. Xbox One preview members will also be able to use party chat during their Twitch broadcasts including members on Windows 10 PCs. Both the Xbox app and Xbox One can now support 16 person party chat groups.

Also, part of the update is a change to the reputation gauge. Players who need to be avoided and/or "need work" will have reputation gauges. Players with good reputations will have no flag. This distinction will help the community stay cautionary with members.

With more access to games and more robust social features, the March update was well worth the wait. 


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Published Mar. 31st 2016

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