How to Get Tons of Coins in Magikarp Jump

Learn this simple trick to maximize your coin gains in Magikarp Jump.

Coins don't really make the world go 'round in Magikarp Jump, but they certainly help make training your Magikarp take less time.

Both training regimes and foods can be upgraded using coins, and with each upgrade they provide your Magikarp with more JP per workout and food piece. That's not bad! As an added bonus, with each leveling milestone you gain a Support Candy to level your support Pokemon.

There is not a lot of wiggle room for different playstyles in Magikarp Jump, so what's the best way to get a huge mass of coins? Short answer: Patience. Long answer incoming:

Collecting Loads of Coins in Magikarp Jump

Step 1: Hold Onto Those Gold Pokeballs

Those gold Pokeballs that show up in your pond grant coins, and that's great. But you can maximize your profits from them by waiting until just the right time to open them.

Don't worry about the gold Pokeballs going away when you move onto the next generation, as they will keep floating around your pond until you eventually pick them up. The only tricky part is avoiding them when your Magikarp is trying to chow down.

Step 2: Wait Until You Get a Gold Pattern Magikarp

Each Magikarp has its own "Individual Bonus" which grants one of a number of bonuses to JP and coin gains. Most Magikarp grant JP bonuses, but some give bonuses to coin gains while they're in your care.

These are Gold Pattern (shiny) Magikarp -- and if you're playing for the long game and have been hoarding your gold Pokeballs, you should be excited to get one as they grant bonuses to all coin gains.

Step 3: Open Pokeballs With Magikarp with Coin Bonuses

(Previously this article said you needed shiny Magikarp, and I thought that was the case until I got my first non-shiny Magikarp wtih a coin bonus. The more you know!)

The method to get a ton of coins is pretty simple, and if you can connect the dots between the above points you've probably already pieced it together. But if not, here are the two (prolonged) steps:

  1. Amass a bunch of gold Pokeballs as you progress through the game
  2. Be careful you don't open them during frenzies
  3. Eventually get a Magikarp with a coin bonus
  4. Open Pokeballs for massive profit

It may take some time to get a Magikarp with a gold multiplier, but once you do you'll be rolling in those ever-necessary coins and can jump-start your progression.

Hopefully this helps you out! If you need a few more tips for the game, check out our other Magikarp Jump guides:

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Published May. 30th 2017

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