Heroes of the Storm is Launching June 2

Heroes of the Storm finally has its official release date!

On April 20th, Blizzard Entertainment made the announcement: Heroes of the Storm will be officially launched on June 2nd. A closed beta testing has been ongoing for the game, and an open beta testing period will begin on May 19th, so long as gamers have a Battle.net account.

Heroes of the Storm allows you to play 30 different characters from World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo and The Lost Vikings. The game has (for now) 130 skins, 14 mounts and 7 battlegrounds, each unique in its own special way. More of all of these are also on the way. 

Blizzard was precise on the fact that there will be no wipes for Heroes of the Storm. In other words, if you have been playing the beta and have already leveled up a character, he will stay with you through the official launch. 

A different kind of MOBA

This MOBA genre is, according to Blizzard's CEO Mike Morhaime, a "fresh take" thanks to its focus on "team play and fast-paced fun". He also stated that the game was accessible to all gamers, whether you're a newcomer to this kind of game, or an expert. It is easy to start and get into, but can also be a challenge in developing the perfect strategy. 

Different game modes include the Cooperative mode, which allows players to challenge AI opponents, and the Quick Match mode. Blizzard stated that the game had a "highly competitive, draft-style ranked play". 

In order to celebrate the launch of Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard has organized a live-stream event that will happen June 1st, from London. More information on that event will be released on Battle.net as the date approaches. 


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Published Apr. 21st 2015

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