Rumor: Steam Holiday Sale Will Be On December 18th

The start of the Steam holiday sale may have been leaked from a Paypal Japan email.

One of the most anticipated events for gamers is the Steam holiday sale, and a start date may have been leaked by Paypal Japan and Reddit.

An email from PayPal Japan revealed that the Steam holiday sale will begin on December 18th and will run until the second day of the new year. The email was posted by a Reddit user, and the translation was then confirmed by Eurogamer and Joystiq. The start date seems about right, as last year the Steam sale began on December 19th.

There's been no details released on the sale, but expect a motherload of games to be discounted at fantastic rates. There should be different games discounted each day. For example, the first day of sales last year had Batman: Arkham Origins at 50 percent off ($49.99 to $24.99), Bioshock Infinite at 75 percent off ($39.99 to $9.99), and Dishonored at 75 percent ($29.99 to $7.49).

What games would you like to see discounted on the Steam holiday sale? What were some games that you picked up last year, if any?

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Published Dec. 13th 2014
  • Pierre Fouquet
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    If you go to the Steam store, the auction ends on the 18th, so I don't think is so much a rumour as half confirmed (which is fully confirmed by Valves standards).

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