There's a Sim for That: The Strangest Simulation Games Released in 2017

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There's no limit to just how bizarre video games can get. In this list, we've compiled some of the strangest simulation games of 2017. From a couple cat sims to a game in which you play as a ball trying to steal gas from an enemy forest, most of the games are hilarious, but they are all a bit ... weird. Let’s see what strange games this year had to offer.

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Cat Goes Fishing 

Available on Steam

In this strange game, players become a master fisher cat that sets its sights on catching huge fish. You’ll learn to equip the right fishing rod to use in catching your prey, and in the process, you'll discover many types of fish with different personalities. As you progress (as a cat), you’ll earn cash to upgrade your rods. Nothing like fishing as a furry feline.  


Available on Steam

In this open-world simulation game about becoming a cat, players can hunt, fight, and even befriend other cat colonies. Additionally, you'll spend time exploring, gathering herbs, conquering caves and territories, and even raising your own litter of kittens. If you've ever wanted to live the feline life, join Cattails on a weird and unique adventure.


Fart Simulator 2018

Available on Steam

It's pretty obvious from the title what this action simulation game is about. Players fart to rack up points and accomplish goals like running away from the police, fighting evil zombies, or even flying. This weird game also features mini-games and puzzles that all center upon -- you guessed it -- farting.

Slime Rancher 

Available on Steam

Another strange simulation game, this one is about a young rancher named Beatrix LeBeau. Her goal is to catch as many slimes as she can. Players can collect different slimes, grow crops, and harvest their resources. There seems to be only one mission to complete in this game -- and it’s getting slimes. It looks fun and colorful, but the story could be better. 


the Line 

Available on Steam

This survival-horror simulation game is about a girl who has a mutated dog named Fin. She has to stand in a long line for resettlement from the east segment of the city. Players can advance through combat, through discovering the enemy's weak points and mental weaknesses, and through letting her dog Fin find items that she can exchange for a spot. 

Ukrainian Ball in Search of Gas

Available on Steam

 This extremely weird game is about a Ukrainian man who drank Gorilka and turns into a ball. All the man wants to do now is to steal gas from the enemy forest. There isn’t much of a plot to this story. The visuals are nice, but the story is weird and makes no sense. Let’s just enjoy rolling a ball to collect gas.



Available on Steam

This 2D simulation game requires players to venture out and find food. You must hide in the shadows of waterlilies so you won’t become fish bait for other creatures in the sea. Guppy has beautiful watercolor visuals and has players move like a fish through the water. It’s a weird game, and the controls are challenging, but the atmosphere is elegant in itself. 


These are just some of the strangest simulation games that were released in 2017. I can’t imagine what could top these, but I guarantee there are plenty out there. 

What are some of the strangest simulation games you’ve played? Let us know in the comments.

Published Dec. 11th 2017


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