Phasmophobia: How to Light a Smudge Stick

Having issues using the smudge stick in Phasmophobia? Stick around for a breakdown of how to use this useful tool.

With Phasmophobia still in early access, there are a number of items and features that still have players proverbially scratching their heads. One such item is the largely misunderstood smudge stick.

The smudge stick can be a life saver. That being said, you first have to understand how to use it. Check out our breakdown of this powerful item down below.

How to Light a Smudge Stick


The first step to utilizing the smudge stick is making sure you are properly prepared. If you are alone, you will need both a lighter and a smudge stick. That being said, you can always have a friend wield the smudge stick if you're not playing alone. Either way, you will need to ignite the smudge stick with the lighter to activate it.

If you are low on inventory space, there is another way to light your smudge stick. All you will need to do is use an already lit candle.

Once the smudge stick has been lit, it will begin to smoke. It may take a few attempts before the stick ignites properly.

Once the smudge stick has been lit, you have two options. You can hold the stick in your hand. Or, you can throw it on the ground. Either way, the stick will be in full effect. Here's a quick recap of what you will need to do:

  • Pull out your lighter
  • Turn on your lighter
  • Point the lighter at the smudge stick
  • Use the secondary action of the lighter to ignite the smudge stick (You will know you have succeeded once the stick begins to smoke)
  • Either wield your lit smudge stick or throw it on the ground

With all if this in mind, it is still important to understand why the smudge stick is so useful. As the best items in horror games always do, the smudge stick helps keep you safe.

While it won't be an objective every time, you will often find cleansing as a mission on your truck whiteboard. Clearing this task is a great way to keep yourself safe during your ghost hunting forays and to make a little extra money. This is where the smudge sticks come in.

Once the smudge stick is active, it will dissuade nearby ghost from wanting to attack you as often. Or, it will dissuade the ghost from moving. Either way, the smudge stick is a great way to calm nearby spirits. By calming the ghost, you will find your adventures far less violent and hopefully more successful.

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Published Dec. 30th 2020

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