Kickstarter is Headed Down Under

Kickstarter is preparing to launch for Australia and New Zealand.

With Kickstarter's launch in our neighbor's land to the north (for the Americans at least) in Canada coming September 9th, Kickstarter has chosen its next target for global domination. Who's up next? Australia and New Zealand can now rejoice as opportunities to start their own campaigns are coming soon!


You heard right, Kickstarter is making preparations to start accepting projects from Australia and New Zealand. They have put up a page on their site to announce their intentions where you can sign up to be notified when the site launches for Australians and New Zealanders alike. You can find the sign up here.

I Don't Know Much About Kickstarter Though!

Kickstarter is a growing, now global platform for fundraising (or crowdfunding as it is called) for creative projects in the realms of games, film, and other artistic projects. Kickstarter will be in Australia teaching people about Kickstarter in both Sydney and Melbourne. The dates for Kickstarter School will be September 1st, 2013, for Sydney, and September 2nd, 2013, for Melbourne. By going to the Kickstarter Australian/New Zealand launch page, you can find more information on these start dates under the links for where, when, and how. Both events are listed as being free.

From the Land Down Under? We're curious if you have plans to start your own Kickstarter project when it launches in Australia and New Zealand.

Published Aug. 29th 2013

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