Iron Banner is set to make it's return soon to The Taken King

Check out the new gear coming to Iron Banner.

Today, Bungie's community manager, Deej, confirmed that the Iron Banner crucible mode will make its return soon. 

With the return of the Iron Banner comes new and exciting updated gear. Unfortunately, these new weapons and armors will not re-roll. Reforging is not returning. All updated gear will come at 280 Attack/Defense, so be ready to infuse them. 

Here's a list of all the new upcoming gear coming to the Iron Banner courtesy of Planet Destiny. 


Name Type Strength
Finnala’s Peril Hand Cannon Impact
Haakon’s Hatchet Auto Rifle Reload, AA
Nirwen’s Mercy Pulse Rifle Stability
Colovance’s Duty Scout Rifle Impact, Range
Weyloran’s March Sniper Rifle RoF, AA
Ashraven’s Flight Fusion Rifle Impact, Range
Ironwreath-D Sidearm Stability, Reload
Deidris’s Retort Shotgun RoF, Reload
Tormod’s Bellows Rocket Launcher Velocity, Reload
Bretomart’s Stand Machine Gun Impact, Stability



  • Iron Companion Hood
  • Iron Companion Vestments
  • Iron Companion Gloves
  • Iron Companion Legs
  • Wolfswood Bond


  • Iron Companion Helm 
  • Iron Companion Plate
  • Iron Companion Gauntlets
  • Iron Companion Greaves
  • Wolfswood Mark


  • Iron Companion Mask
  • Iron Companion Vest
  • Iron Companion Sleeves
  • Iron Companion Boots
  • Wolfswood Cloak

Iron Companion Helm

Titan's Iron Companion Helm, with Angel of Mercy Perk

All Trials and Iron Banner helmets will come with the "Angel of Mercy" perk, which will gain super energy from reviving down players. It is still unknown about when Trials or Iron Banner will be released in the Taken King. But "soon" will hopefully mean...soon. As of now, Mayhem Clash is the weekly crucible game type. 

In the meanwhile, I urge PvP players to get their light levels into the 300 range if your want to be successful in Iron Banner or Trials. If the format stats are true you'll have to hit Rank 3 in order gain access to all of Lord Saladin's gear and items. Stayed tuned for more information about The Taken King and crucible here at GameSkinny. 

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Published Jun. 11th 2020

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