8 Most Anticipated Upcoming MMORPGs -- And Why You Care

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Conan Exiles

  • Developer: Funcom
  • Engine: Unreal 4
  • Current Status: Early Access
  • Expected Release: 2018 (full launch)
  • Business Model: Buy to Play
  • Platform: Windows PC
  • Official Website
What it Offers

In Conan Exiles, players explore the land and civilizations of an ancient world where monsters truly do exist. The player must craft tools, buildings, and fight giant creatures to stay alive. They must also battle against the elements and watch out for deadly sandstorms.

What Makes it Different

This year, The Purge will be implemented. The Purge are enemy NPCs that will raid, pillage, and destroy everything they encounter. Players must work together to stop this deadly threat. In addition, players will be able to tame animals, and new systems -- sorcery and settlement systems -- will be introduced. The opportunities in this game will be limitless. 

How to Get Involved

You can purchase the game on Steam Early Access now for $29.99, or upgrade to the Barbarian Edition for an extra $30. 

Published Apr. 8th 2017

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