WildStar Stalker Devspeak

Get a look at the the new WildStar Devspeak for Stalker. Make sure to watch the entire video for a short peek at an unannounced class!

The new Wildstar Devspeak is out. This time, the developers gave us a glimpse at the Stalker, and maybe even a previously unannounced class.

First off, the Stalker is the stealth class of WildStar. Carbine promises that it's not overpowered compared to the other classes. The Stalker comes equipped with claws, gadgets, and nanites. Stalkers use medium armor, and can act as DPS or a tank.

Who am I? I'm Wolverine!

Damage absorption, life steal, stealth, and lots of CC are just a few of the things the Stalkers can do while in combat. Using the limited skill set, you can set your Stalker up the way you want to play.

If you watch all the way to the end, you get a sneak peek at an unreleased class. The weapons appear to be fist weapons for hand-to-hand fighting. We'll just have to wait for more details on this class to be released. As it stands it's all just speculation.

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Published Nov. 26th 2013

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