Tree of Savior: How to upgrade equipment

Item enhancement keeps you doing the damage you need to between equipment levels, and it's pretty easy to do.

There's a pretty big gap between equipment levels in Tree of Savior, which means you need to stay on top of upgrading your equipment. This is especially the case for your weapon.

To improve your equipment, you need Anvils. Anvils can be purchased from Item Merchant Mirina in Klaipeda for 300 Silver.

To use an Anvil, right click on it in your inventory and click on the item you want to upgrade.

Click the "Enhance" button and the Anvil will be placed on the ground in front of your character.

You must hit your Anvil with an attack three times (or more, depending on the item) to finish the upgrade.

There are a few things to keep in mind when upgrading:

  • When you fail an upgrade, your equipment piece will lose one point of "Potential". This is listed above Durability when you look at the items' information.

  • After +5, there is a chance your upgrade will fail. If it fails, you will lose one Potential point and that equipment's upgrades will be reset.
  • Enhancements for several accessories diminish. This does not happen with armor and weapons.
  • Upgrading costs a fair amount of Silver. Each upgrade will get more expensive.

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Published Oct. 30th 2015

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