"Renegades, Separatists, Mist Invaders, Inquest Labs? I'll Sabotage 'em All." Linnes The Saboteur

Trained by the Scouting Legion of Ebonhawke he eventually rose to great heights amongst his Ascalonian brethren. Leading small scouting parties throughout his people's homeland he sought to reclaim their lost land through discreet missions. Once the peace treaty between the humans of Kryta and the Charr armies that had taken over the ruins of Ascalon over the years he found himself becoming less useful to his people. He became a scout-for-hire, being well sought after for his skills his name quickly became recognized as a highly skilled agent amongst the more "secretive" members of Tyria. 

To get the look:
Whispers Mask; Chalkboard 1, Antique Gold 2
Vigil Shoulderpads; Chalkboard 1, Antique Gold 2
Duelist Coat; Chalkboard 1, Chalkboard 2, Antique Gold 3
Vigil Gloves; Chalkboard 1, Chalkboard 2, Antique Gold 3
Seeker Pants; Chalkboard 1, Antique Gold 2
Priory Boots; Chalkboard 1, Chalkboard 2, Antique Gold 3
Rox's Quiver
Ebon Vanguard Shortbow

Published Aug. 3rd 2013
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    You pulled a lot of different sets together very well - nice work!

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