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Hi! Carsyn here. I entered in the GW2 fashion show, and I just wanted to ah... Well, I just wanted to show off some more screenshots I took! 

I joined here with my friend Max under the title "T-Winning." We entered as COMPLETE thieving twins (despite the hair) and didn't place in the Top 10- which is completely understandable. Though we are sad we don't have a chance at 4k gems to indulge on, we are excited for the upcoming categories and desperately hope to place in one of those! 


Anyways- I'm just here to show off my various outfits for my thief, and will flash a little bit of my ele as well. 

For this screenshot, I wanted to show not only my outfit, but really what I love most- the beauty of the game. This is the colossus fractal, taken right before the... Chest seal? Anyways, here is this one. 


This is my prized screen shot. Showin' off my Zenith shortbow along with the newly acquired Tier 3 Cultural chest for human medium (I know, I know- everyone and their MOTHER has it- well, almost). This was taken at the Nonmoa Waypoint in Timberline falls. I tried MULTIPLE times to get some action shots- this was one of the most successful.

The dyes are simple, celestial and emerald... Hopefully you'll find as we progress that my scheme will be a bit of an improvement. I chose emerald and white not only because, in my opinion they look pretty spankin' good together, but also because, when wielded, the Zenith weapons give a greenish glow amid the crystals that MAKE the weapon. :)  

Entering Crown Pavilion... the cool way. 


If there's one issue I have above all others with this armor set it the gloves and shoulders. I absolutely LOVE the WvW gloves- I'm not going to lie. I just think they're badass. Okay? But as you can see, the oversized glove is on the same side as the shoulder- a problem in which I could fix. Maybe I'll invest in some new gloves- maybe. (Also, like the new 'do? The bob just didn't cut it.) I took this unimpressive shot in HotW, where I would, yes, I did do this- make my GUILDIES stop for a few seconds to snap screenies. (Love ya, iLL!) 

First outfit: 

  • WvW Helm (Later shown, I love that shit.) 
  • Whisper's Shoulder (barely seen in this snap.)
  • T3 Chest
  • Vigil Diaper
  • WvW Gloves (Medium, of course.)
  • CM boots- also known as Divinity's Council Boots

For this somewhat unoriginal look, I wanted to go with a, and yes, you may laugh, cat-womanesque look. Er, I know this is sort of lame, but I'm talking the 2004 Catwoman movie starring Halle Berry. 

The dyes are pretty simple. I know, black is kind of a "blah" and, how do I put it, boring colour if used too much. And I try hard to stay away from my glorified Midnight Ice as much as possible, but I used it for this semi-dark look. 

And being the lady I am, I would prefer the underboob of the T3 chest to be tamed- but I pretty much ground on and off for that 30g ever since I started the game, in which I spent for more useful things. As soon as the Crown Pavilion glorious farm appeared, I seized my chance, got 30g in probably 2 hour in non-magic find gear, and bought AND transmuted this piece. Yeah, I guess it's just a piece that reminds me of my younger days in GW2.


This is my simple look. And HELL YEAH, I LOVE IT! The jerkin is one my favourite pieces of armor in the game, despite the opinion of many others. I tried to avoid any flashy colours, save the sapphire. No black is used in this piece at all. The dyes are the following:

  • Midnight Rust
  • Celestial
  • Sapphire

Pretty basic, amirite? I love wearing this while roaming in WvW... ganking my enemies while wearing this just feels... so right. 

And finally, my ele. Can you see my hair preference? :D

Full profane- skimpy, yes. I am looking into a chest piece which dyes in a similar fashion. No luck so far. 

Mostly, when I think profane, I think mesmer. When thinking ele, I think winged or T3 (personally not a favourite of mine.) 

There a different kinds of Elementalists, it all depends on who you are! I like to look sexy and dangerous when hitting an enemy with a Fire Grab (though I personally prefer dagger/focus). ;) 


Well, I guess that's it. I have a LOT of screenies, but I guess I'll save them for another time.

Even though the fashion contest is coming to it's end, how about spying upon Max's and my entry. Comments and tips for next time (believe me, you haven't seen the LAST of Mean Girls) would be really sweet. 

Here ya go:

Make sure to find me ingame!


Carsyn (P E N U M B R A S/ Infinity Overhead.)

I am soOOOOoooo proud of this outfit. Argh.

I recently acquired Abyss dye, which I sold for 25 gold on the TP... for the Krytan armor!

What I did was try to make a biker look as much as possible- and I think it looks pretty good. 

The dyes go as following:

  • Midnight Ice (Jacket, glove, pant detail, shoes)
  • Celestial (Chest, glove)
  • Old Jeans (Pants! Go jeans!)

And the armor is as such:

  • Krytan chest piece
  • WvW medium gloves
  • Krytan pants 
  • Duelist shoes

Still on the prowl for the perfect shoes... :)


Published Aug. 19th 2013



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