Welcome to Bundleopolis, where a new deal is born every six hours

Come one, come all to GOG.com's Bundleopolis, where there's a new deal born every 360 minutes.

Deals galore are available with GOG.com's Bundleopolis sale this week.

In a sale that runs April 25 to May 1, users can take advantage of deals up to 80% off. New deals are introduced every six hours.

True to the name Bundleopolis, the sale is set up as a metropolis of various deals. At the Academy of LucasArts, users can purchase titles such as The Dig, Monkey Island SE 1 & 2, and Outlaws for up to 75% off.

Bit.Trip Street houses every title in the Bit.Trip series, available for up to 87% off.

The aptly named Nightmare Avenue has a collection of horror titles like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, available for up to 80% off.

From GOG.com's news page:

"Keep coming back to the expanding Bundleopolis Sale to discover new sights and new releases, or exercise your rights as a citizen with build-your-own bundles. If you live here long enough, you might even get to learn its dark secret, which will be revealed just before the city lights go out."

As is always the case with games for sale on GOG.com, games are DRM (Digital Rights Management) free, so once a game has been purchased, users are free to install that game on any other computer, and redownload it as many times as is needed.

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Published Apr. 27th 2016

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