Dota 2 - CDEC and either EG or LGD to go head to head in TI5 Grand Finals

Vici Gaming and Virtus Pro knocked out of semifinals as TI5 Grand Finals draw near.

Dota 2's The International 5 main event has been going strong through the week, and tomorrow we're finally coming to the Grand Finals with a best of five match up between up and coming CDEC Gaming (CDEC) and the winner of the lower bracket finals, either LGD Gaming (EGD) or Evil Geniuses (EG).

This year's The International has been a flurry of excitement. Most of the matches have been fast paced and packed with aggressive plays thanks to the current meta. It's been a great year to watch if you find professional Dota even the least bit entertaining.

Anyone watching has seen that Vici Gaming (VG) has dominated the lower bracket during The International 5, but that streak ended today with VG losing in the second and third matches against LGD. LGD will be moving on to face EG tomorrow before the Grand Finals, where the winning team will go against Chinese giant CDEC.

The Grand Finals

Tomorrow brings The International 5's Grand Finals, and it is pure hype with two Chinese teams fighting for the grand prize of over $6.5 million. The runner-up team will still receive a whopping $2.8 million -- a sum that's nothing to sneeze at.

The road has been long and hard for these and the other teams that were knocked out earlier in the tournament, but the end is less than 24 hours away. Which team will dominate in Dota 2's current meta? Whoever it is, we're guaranteed a good show during the last fights between CDEC and the winner of the lower bracket finals.

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Published Aug. 7th 2015

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