Xbox One System Updates out to Preview Program Members

Xbox Preview Program members get to see new system updates slated for April release.

Xbox One is releasing planned system updates to its Preview Program. The first update is being released this week. Many features will be improved upon.
To join the Xbox One Preview Program you have to be invited by friends who are already a part of the program. Xbox One Preview Program members receive these updates before regular Xbox One users.

The first update includes improvements in party chat, game hub links, and achievement notifications. Troubleshoot features will be added to party chat. There is now a Party App that helps you connect with friends get your microphone working.

Now it will easier to see video game related content. You can also see content for games that friends follow.

The best thing about the update being released is the improvement on achievements. Notifications now show descriptions for unlocked achievements. You no longer need to go to the achievement app to see how an achievement was unlocked.

Published Mar. 25th 2015

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