14 Upcoming Switch Games to be Excited About in 2020

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No More Heroes 3

Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture
Release Date
: TBA 2020

E3 2019's announcement of No More Heroes 3 was a welcome surprise.

Suda51's cult classic No More Heroes series first debuted in the Wii era as a tribute to hardcore action fans. Protagonist Travis Touchdown takes on the role of hero by using his modified lightsaber-ish beam sword to essentially hack anything and everything to pieces.

That irreverent attitude towards the establishment, plus some equally unorthodox gameplay mechanics (like how you recharge your weapon and save), carved a niche for the series and created an intense demand for more.

There was a sequel in 2010. 2010. Almost ten years ago, ten years with no more No More Heroes.

That changed a bit with Travis Strikes Again, but it didn't really scratch the itch. Finally at E3 this year, a proper sequel was announced. Other than knowing No More Heroes 3's release date is 2020 and that it features Travis returning to Santa Destroy after ten years to find an artificial city hovering over the real one.

From there is anyone's guess what happens and why. This is Suda51 after all.

Published Nov. 30th 2019

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