Payday 2 Halloween Event Review

A review of the Payday 2 Halloween event and a look at the new jobs available.

Every year, just like with Crimefest, OVERKILL does special events around Halloween and Christmas. This year is no different and this week the big Halloween event began. Payday 2 was given two new “Special Event” jobs that opened up on October 29th and will be available until November 17th. Both of these jobs are free and allow you to unlock six masks, ten new achievements, six new mask patterns and a new song. You are also given bolt cutters; a new free melee weapon.

"Safehouse Nightmare"

This job consists of you and your team going into your safe house and setting up a drill to open the vault to all the money you are hoarding. Once you start the drill, waves and waves on Bulldozers (Super heavy armored guys with LMGs) and Cloakers (think Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell) will come at you, and it is madness. It truly is a nightmare as the job title dictates.

The drill takes a little over five minutes, so you and you team need to hold out until the end. Once the vault is open you need to move all the bags of money to the van upstairs and then you are done.

"Lab Rats"

The second job is brand new and it’s something that hasn’t been done in a Payday game yet. The name of the job is “Lab Rats” and it’s a spin on "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids." The Payday gang has been shrunk to the size of a rat and so have all the enemies on the level. Just like always in Payday games you need to make meth during this job using the same formula you always use in other jobs. You can stay and cook as much meth as you want but you only need one batch (four bags) in order to finish the level. A few really cool things stand out on this level -- the Necrocloaker and the giant spider.

The Necrocloaker

When you first start the level you may notice that off to the right of your starting point is a safe with a timer set for two minutes.  When the Necrocloaker appears on the level you and your team need to get to the safe as fast as you can because he is only there for a limited amount of time. Believe me when I say, you can’t miss him when he appears.

Once the team is at the safe the timer will begin to count down and a glowing circle will appear on the floor around you and the team. The team has to survive two minutes of hordes of enemies but you can’t leave the circle (think king of the hill). I suggest placing ammo and medical bags around the safe so you and your team can use them during the two minutes of madness.

If you are lucky enough to survive the full two minutes you will get something for your hard work, but I won’t spoil it for you. Also, if you do the Necrocloaker hoard on the OVERKILL difficulty, you get a mask and an achievement.

Giant Spider

I’m truly sorry if you’re afraid of spiders... The spider is located on the opposite side of the job's starting point and it comes up from the side of the table. The spider will attack the team if they are in the area for too long and it will also randomly appear. Oh, and the spider can kill you in one hit so watch out for that.

That’s all for this year’s Halloween jobs and all in all I think they did a really nice job. One of the levels is new and exciting. The other older level that is still a huge challenge. I would give “Lab Rats” an 8/10, “Safe House Nightmare” a 7/10 (simply because they are just reusing a level) and the Halloween event as a whole an 8 out of 10.  Good luck on the new Halloween jobs and go make some money heisters.

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Published Oct. 31st 2015

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