Five Game Reboots That Crashed and Failed (But Could Have Made It!)

Dark Void (2009)

Dark Void was an odd choice by Capcom. A NES era shoot-em' up with a quirky old school science fiction backdrop didn't sound like something a lot of gamers would latch onto. So, when Airtight resurrected it, they turned into a hybrid air combat game like Rogue Squadron, and a full 360 degrees third person shooter. Only problem being, the game had to be rushed for release.

As a result launched with some notable bugs and a fairly short campaign mode. There was also no multiplayer included to compensate for the shortness of the campaign. And, while I will admit that I am one of the few that did find something worthwhile in it, most gamers did not. It reviewed poorly at launch for its limited final product, and despite some additional DLC, Dark Void flopped overall.

The lesson here being, sometimes just because you have a good idea, doesn't mean people will take your word for it.

If you'd like to give it a try, it's running an average of $4.99 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Published Apr. 22nd 2015

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