Five Game Reboots That Crashed and Failed (But Could Have Made It!)

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (2013)

It really sucks, to be 2K Marin. No matter how hard they tried, with Bioshock 2, and The Bureau, their work seems destined to always be treated like unwelcome blots on other peoples' franchises. The Bureau was given such a harsh response when originally revealed, that it went through at least one complete redesign before release. Ironically, this redesign in response is what hurt the game in the long run.

The original concept was to allow you to go in the field as an agent, while retaining all the original game's strategy focus. You'd have to face enemies that would be much harder this time around, requiring you to study them from afar and hope you beat them "next time."

You would have to make significant gameplay choices, like if you'd convert a miniboss as a temporary deployable unit, or break it down for research. XCOM's base management was still fully included, on top of all this. You'd also still have to manage your soldiers and command them in the field using the similar tactics of the original XCOM. Sounds amazingly fun, doesn't it? Well, please feel free to point that out to the XCOM fanbase.

What did we get instead? A really fun but nowhere near as innovative prequel TPS-strategy game in the vein of Brothers in Arms meets Mass Effect. The writing was strong and the game itself was decent, but even after the developers bent over backwards to try and cut out what fans perceived as bad choices, a lot of what might have made The Bureau amazing was lost.

The lesson here being, that sometimes your fanbase isn't the most trustworthy source of input when it comes to game design.

If you'd like to give it a try, it's running an average of $9.99 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Published Apr. 22nd 2015

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