Hearthstone Now Available On Smartphones (iOS and Android)

You won't need to carry your tablet around anymore in order to play Hearthstone whenever, wherever!

Blizzard's most addictive card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is now available on iOS and Android phones. It was released on PC in March 2014, then onto iPads in April of that same year, then in December 2014 onto Android tablets. And now, the time has come: you can finally play Hearthstone in the dentist's waiting room. 

However, not all smartphones are compatible with the game. You need at least the Android 4.0 or the iPhone 4S minimum in order to play.  

Although the full game is here, the interface has been modified in order to fit on smartphone screens. On a computer screen or even tablets, it is rather simple to read and see all the cards on screen, and Hearthstone gamers know that they can get pretty crowded. On small smartphone screens, your hand will be half visible and sitting on the bottom of the screen. To access your cards, taping on the hand allows a zoom. And to analyse one card in full detail, tap and hold. 

Expansions and Adventures available on mobile too

The combat strategy card game is still free to play, but the Naxxramas and Blackrock Mountain Adventures will be available for $20 and $25 respectively. And, of course, your account will be synced to Blizzard's Battle.net system, so gamers can play on any device and find all their stats and records. This does mean, however, that a working data connection is needed in order to play Hearthstone, even against AI. 

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Published Apr. 15th 2015

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