New Kingdom Hearts Unchained X game for iOS and Android in 2016

On the go, but itching to play Kingdom hearts?

Kingdom Heart fanatics will have to wait just a little longer to play the new Kingdom Hearts Unchained X on the go. Luckily, it's coming to the US in 2016 on iOS and Android, free to play. Tetsuya Nomura, the gameplay and story developer, has been keeping everyone updated on the developments of the video game for mobile users.   

KH Unchained X will release in Japan in September 2015 by Square, and people who have pre-registered will be able to get access to some nifty wallpapers.


The features in this game will give you a chance to create your very own character to play throughout the game and you will be able to upgrade your Keyblade throughout the game instead of just equipping new ones. For those of you waiting to get your hands on KH3, be sure to give this game a try because some of the storyline will link up. 

The characters look very different from their original artwork, but you will still be able to play your favorites like Sora, Micky Mouse, and Riku.

Many fans have already expressed their excitement, but many have also voiced concerns that it will be a less than stellar version of KH. Be sure to check out the game updates via the official Twitter account, @KH13chi.

Published Aug. 7th 2015

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