Xbox One Console -In Stock- on Amazon

Microsoft's Xbox One is now available on Amazon, and just in time for the Christmas shipping.

If you haven't been able to get your hands on the new Xbox One console, now is your chance. Finally available on Amazon, you can get them shipped directly to your house, and definitely in time for Christmas. Who doesn't love shopping at home?

So why Amazon?

One of the great things about Amazon is the simple fact you don't have to leave your house. I know some people think Black Friday and waiting in line for consoles is fun, but I'd rather just buy online and get it shipped a bit later. Life can sometimes be a bit too busy to go shopping for hours, so why not cut the time and order online? Hell yes!

Also, if you're getting the Xbox One as a gift, Amazon has selectively shown you some essentials that will compliment the system very nicely. These related product links will take you to Xbox One games, accessories, and subscriptions of Xbox Live giving that special someone everything they need for their holiday break.

2-Year Warranty

Amazon also allows you to select a two-year warranty on the Xbox One. Since it's a new console, it would be wise to take out a warranty when you purchase it so that any bugs that happen along the way can be easily sorted out. Better safe than without your Xbox!

The time has come for the Christmas season, which makes Amazon a great choice for your shipping and purchasing needs. Just in time too, since the Xbox One was just released. Don't forget - you can also get the gifts shipped directly to the recipient, and gift wrapped as well. Thank goodness for Amazon!

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Published Dec. 3rd 2013

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