on Android begins worldwide rollout, US not in first wave

The crazy addictive game is finally starting to roll out on Android.

If you've been around the Internet I'm sure you've run into the game It's a deceptively simple web browser game that can suddenly make 5 minutes turn into an hour. Well if you have places to go or things to do, you will soon be able to play this on your mobile Android device. Starting today, Miniclip has started its worldwide roll-out of the game. is a simple cell division game. If you have every played Osmos, then you will have a firm understand as to what is going on. The biggest difference between these two is that the game is much simpler in design and is based around multiplayer. What you are doing in the game is moving around eating small dots to grow in size. As you grow in size you are able to start eating other players and other players who are larger eat you.

The basic strategy is to eat and not be eaten, and you are given only the tool of movement and the ability to separate yourself to become smaller and faster.

If you haven't played the game at all you can try it out now in your web browser at agar.ioOtherwise expect to see the game become available in your region as they slowly launch this game worldwide on Google Play.

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Published Jul. 8th 2015

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