Steam Music Joins the Big Picture

Another cool feature of the Big Picture has been introduced by Valve!

In an effort to further push forward the "Steam Box", Valve announced another addition to the Big Picture portion of the Steam client: Steam Music.

A limited feature for now that is simply part of the SteamOS/Big Picture, the idea of a music player for the Steam OS is quite interesting. Aspiring to be more than just another console, adding features like this to the Steam OS is a great step by Valve.

A preview of the "Steam Music" UI

Is adding a Steam powered iTunes a move Valve needed to make though? Being able to play your games to your own music is a nice touch in some situations. Rushing through a Left for Dead campaign with Benny Hill playing does kind of tickle my funny bone!

Jokes aside, Valve adding more bells and whistles to their SteamOS shows their commitment to the idea of an all-in-one program for your entertainment needs; from games to music. It may take a long time for Valve to do something, but we all know what happens when they finally get it done.

Interested in participating in the Beta test of Steam Music? Be sure to join the Steam group!

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Published Feb. 4th 2014

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