The Banner Saga To Be Released In January 2014

Stoic Studios has announced that The Banner Saga will release in January 2014.

Stoic Studios has announced that their tactical role-playing game The Banner Saga will release in January of 2014.  Stoic Studio is comprised of a trio of former BioWare developers who worked on Star Wars: The Old Republic, and The Banner Saga will be heavily inspired by Viking culture.

The multiplayer version of the game titled The Banner Saga: Factions was released in February of this year as a free stand-alone game.  The game places players on teams of six and each player picks a role from the 16 different classes.

The full game will feature a single player campaign where player choices will influence the course of the game, and all character deaths are permanent.  Also interesting to note, is that the game has been developed for a mature audience similar to the Game of Thrones, so it will be interesting to see what the developers have planned.

Players can expect to get their hands on The Banner Saga around January 14, 2014 for PC and Mac.  Who here is ready for The Banner Saga?  Personally, the fact that the game is Viking-inspired makes me interested in the game.  I wonder if Thor or Odin will make an can only hope, right?


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Published Nov. 8th 2013

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