Amnesia creators' new horror game SOMA releases Tuesday

Underwater horror SOMA's hitting PC and PS4 this week.

This year has been somewhat light on horror games, but we may be getting just the thing for the long drought in just two days. SOMA, the new title from Amnesia and Penumbra devs Frictional Games, is heading to PC and PlayStation 4 this week. Are you ready to go underwater?

If you've been paying attention to SOMA news throughout its development and you like horror games, you are probably just as hyped as I am for this monster.

The game will be putting players in the shoes of Simon, a man trapped in an underwater facility where something is going horribly wrong. Don't worry. Sharks won't be a problem.

Beta copies are floating to streamers and the review embargo is about to lift. Will SOMA be as good as it's seemed all this time? Review-readers and eager pre-order holders won't have long to wait now, with SOMA making its way to Windows, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, September 22nd.

Frictional Games have proven they know how to do horror well and.. just okay. Let's hope SOMA fits squarely within or beyond the former, and it's likely to. Even past the primary campaign is the ability to create your own stories to play out and share. It's going to be a win either way.

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Published Sep. 21st 2015

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