10 indie gems on Steam that are worth your time and hard-earned dosh

Road Not Taken

Standard price: $14.99
Genre: Turn-based puzzle roguelite
Demo: No
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The trailer in the header may not make Road Not Taken seem like a stellar puzzle game, but there's so much potential gameplay here for puzzle fans it's hard not to recommend.

Road Not Taken has you wander into the cold, unforgiving wilderness to save lost children -- which, as you may expect, is not as simple as it seems.

Players must pick up items they come across and toss them to open doors or combine them to make new items. Saving children is done much in the same way, as you unceremoniously toss them at their parents.

As Road Not Taken is a roguelite, it has infinite replayability and there really is no getting tired of befriending or wooing townsfolk, especially since things often do not turn out the way you expect.

Truly a fantastic puzzler from Spry Fox and worth every penny.

Published Feb. 25th 2016

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