Top 3 Politically Motivated Simulation Games on Steam


Available for purchase on Steam.

Orwell is a 5 part episodic visual adventure game based on the George Orwell novel 1984. Orwell is the name given to a government internet surveillance system and it is your job to analyse the digital footprint of the citizens that "The Party" has labelled a potential threat.

Orwell is a voyeuristic conspiracy thriller where you will watch a group of political activists and determine who is responsible for a bomb attack. It's a unique approach to storytelling that's full of twists and turns as its plot unfolds.

With Edward Snowden leaking classified NSA files on surveillance programs, the UK passing the current "Snoopers Charter" bill, and paranoia at an all time high Orwell is a perfect representation of the current political affairs in our times.

Published Feb. 21st 2017

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