Death Timers in League of Legends will be Reduced in Patch 6.7

RiotMeddler has revealed that the currently lengthy death timers will be reduced in the next patch

Looks like death timers in League of Legends are about to go down! Since the start of season six, death timers were increased, which has resulted in games often being decided by a single teamfight around the 30 minute mark.

"We had a look at death timers recently. The main issue we identified was that they were too long in the 30-45 minute range, resulting in single team fights (aces especially) allowing teams to clean up too much of the enemy base. We'll be decreasing death timers in that time window a bit in patch 6.7 as a result."

-- Riot employee Meddler

This is great information for all you League fans out there, because heightened death timers coupled with paper-thin towers in season six has caused games to snowball out of control and often be decided by a single ace. You should expect to see these new changes with the next patch coming in the near future.

Fear not my dead LoL friends, Riot Games will be bringing new life to your dead champions momentarily!


I once won a 50$ gift card to Chili's playing League of Legends so you could say I'm a pretty big deal.

Published Mar. 31st 2016

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