Fat Princess Adventures' DLC adds two new modes and more for free

Socialize in Short Cakes' Tavern and battle your friends and foes alike in Arena Mode with the free DLC released Today.

Fat Princess Adventures is a new co-op RPG adventure for up to 4 players. You and your friends fight to save princesses, eat cake, and defeat the forces of evil. Developer Fun Bits is looking to start the New Year off right with a new update for Fat Princess Adventures, in the form of a free DLC . 

This DLC features Short Cakes' Tavern and Arena Mode. Short Cakes' Tavern acts as a hub to socialize with fellow players before getting into Arena Mode.

Arena Mode, which is only unlocked after you defeat Zug in the campaign, houses two different game modes -- Castle Arena and Temple Arena. Castle Arena sets you against endless waves of enemies, while Temple Arena pits player against player in PvP combat. This mode is unlocked once you've reached the swamp during the campaign.

The Super Awesome Hero Loot pack will also be purchasable starting today. This DLC includes cosmetic items to personalize your warrior, such as tattoos, scars, and makeup. New weapons and armor are introduced as well. Making their debut are things like the Stun Baton, Impact Mathemagicks staff, and Engineer's Escape Pajamas. 

Gold Boosts will also be up for purchase. These give you a higher percentage of gold. PSN avatars are also available in the PlayStation store for those who want them.  

In celebration of the new content, Fun Bits will be playing with the new content live on Twitch This Thursday,1/21/16, at 4:30 PST.


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Published Jan. 20th 2016

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